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Monday, August 1, 2011

Caitlin's Frog Habitat

You have to click on the second picture to actually see the frog, it is so small. This was not a planned event, but I figured why not make it educational since it was going to happen anyways.

This morning Caitlin went out to go take care of her rabbit, and somehow spotted this tiny tree frog, on the pavement. She put it in her sand pail and proceeded to do her rabbit. She asked if we could keep it and watch it grow. Caitlin has already captured a baby cricket, watched it have a baby, the baby died, but the adult grew to be an adult, then passed after about two months. This is a normal life cycle for that particular breed of cricket. So I told her she had to create a habitat for the frog to grow and live in. I thought I still had a small fish tank, but it appears my husband took it upon himself to throw it away, thanks Craig. So I had been saving these big pickle containers, for what I wasn't sure. It makes a perfect habitat for a tiny frog. So in the container Caitlin put grass, leaves, a stick, a bowl of water, two dead flies and after adding holes to the top, in went the baby frog. So far it has been seen swimming in the water and climbing up the walls. It will be outside for now, since it is a tropical frog I don't think it will appreciate air conditioning. So what did you do today?


betchai said...

leaning life science first hand, you are very good Melissa for allowing your kids to explore.

Anne said...

That is so great (and he is adorable). What does he eat?

Melissa said...

Thank you Betchai. Honestly I find they remember better when they are hands on learning rather than just reading it in a book. Anne, it eats flies, crickets or any other bugs.

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