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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Last Week Of Summer Vacation

This is our last week of Summer Vacation. It doesn't seem possible already. We have a quiet, yet fun summer. We had a nasty storm blow through last night and ripped to shreds some of the porch screen and pool canopy. It was a band from Irene, that is how big that thing is. My husband starts firefighter classes Tues and we will probably be having a quiet next six months as far as activities go. That is OK though, I am ready for a break from the money spending. I hope everyone is staying safe and dry through Hurricane Irene.


MissMOE said...

Glad to hear your safe and sound.

betchai said...

wow, that is indeed strong despite you were not hit, glad to know you are safe.

Melissa said...

Thank you Miss Moe and Betchai.

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