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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Gilchrist County 4H Award Dinner

Tuesday evening was the annual Gilchrist County 4H Award Dinner. Everyone had to bring two side dishes, and of course yourselves. This was our first time and I was surprised how long it took. I assumed, that is why you should never assume, because it was a small county it wouldn't take a very long time at all. The kids were excited, and Caitlin went right up to get her Cloverbud pin without making me accompany her. I was shocked and happy all at the same time. She is my shy child and 4H has done wonders for her. Since she has not completed the Small Animals book, she couldn't get a ribbon for that. But she did get a pin and a ribbon, and boy was she excited. DJ got three pins, and almost got a fourth. He missed the 100% on his Photography one book by two points. I warned him his sloppy handwriting would come back to get him, and it did. He also got a few ribbons as well. If you homeschool your kids, or even if you don't, 4H is a very affordable way to have your kids learn and the great thing is it isn't all agriculture anymore like when I was a kid. Now next year both DJ and Caitlin will have to try to get in more community service time, which is not going to be easy with my husband starting fire fighter classes three days a week, and I work every Saturday. But, I am going to try my best. There has been a whole lot more going on, which I will share in the coming days. In September our 4H meetings start back up again, with a dinner at a local restaurant, another annual event. Even though our county is a very small county, their 4H program is wonderful. Oh, I forgot to mention DJ just finally got his entries into the National Geographic Kids photography contest. There were some glitches that got in the way, but it is done now. If you have a child that loves photography, be sure to check my archives to the link to join that great contest.


betchai said...

oh, something going great for them, thanks for sharing Melissa, they are very inspiring. congrats to DJ and Caitlin.

Melissa said...

Thank you Betchai!

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