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Monday, August 29, 2011

I Am Sad

We basically were unscathed from Hurricane Irene. And even though NYC didn't get hit as hard as they feared, upstate NY, VT, and CT have been hammered and massive flooding has occurred. My hometown, where I spent all of my childhood, is experiencing extreme flooding. My sister still owns a home there, and even had to be evacuated, from an area that is not usual for evacuation. The water has not yet entered her home, but it is sneaking closer. There has been major flooding in Prattsville and Schoharie, NY. Homes wiped out, people stranded, yet the big news channels have moved on to business as usual with regular political BS and so on. It irritates me. To all our friends and family suffering with power outages and flooding, our thoughts and prayers are with you.


betchai said...

sorry to hear about that Melissa, i'll join you in prayers for your sister and other families threatened by flooding and power outages.

Ebie said...

Its really a mess, what Irene had brought to the Eastern Coast States.

Sorry to hear about your sister's case. Hope we can overcome this calamity.

Take care.

Melissa said...

The flood water is receding and the dam that was over flowing has receded as well. There is still massive flooding though my sisters house was spared. So many more all in upstate NY and VT lost farms, their crops, and animals. It simply happened so fast.

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