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Monday, August 22, 2011

This Has Been An Interesting Year For Me

I am not a shy person, but I do appreciate the quiet non glamorous lifestyle. That is probably one of the things that drew me to homeschooling. I am just as happy being a leader as being a wall flower. It just depends on my mood and the situation. This past year, starting last summer, has been an interesting one for me. We did a lot of socializing with field trips, 4H and playgroups. We have just learned that two families in our playgroup, due to personal reasons, have had to place their children in public school after many years of homeschooling. The kids were real sad, because they knew they wouldn't get to see them as much as we have the past year. It is a big adjustment for everyone involved. So now I need to make some adjustments to the ways in which we socialize. This was going to have to happen eventually, because DJ is going to be twelve next year, and playing with elementary school age kids just wouldn't work. I want him to get more involved in 4H and the community this next year. My husband is starting firefighter classes next week. These are three days a week, plus his regular meetings, for six months. As proud as I am of him, I am already dreading this. Good thing I am strong willed. I have offered for DJ to go to public school, if he wishes, for the past two year. He wishes to continue to homeschool and for that I am grateful. I so enjoy being the one to teach them, watch them learn and grow in a kind and loving environment. I would never ever put someone down who chose to send their child to public school, but I love homeschooling and it works for me. We were supposed to have family coming to visit this next week, but they can not come now due to tight finances. We have not seen them in six years. The kids were disappointed yet again. This economy is effecting us, even if we can still pay our bills, in a lot of negative ways. On a positive note, we are going to Seaworld one more time, in October. We wanted to go two more times before our year pass was up, but it just is not going to be possible. My mother, who can sew with her eyes closed, is going to help Caitlin sew a dress for County Events. I can not wait to see the results. No, I can not sew!


betchai said...

time flies, DJ is now 12, and soon college bound. But one very good thing is, he has a very strong education foundation from you, Melissa. Glad you keep up to the challenge of homeschooling them.

Melissa said...

He isn't 12 until next year, but I need to plan for his socialization needs for that age.

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