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Saturday, August 6, 2011

The List!

One of the things that used to drive me crazy about public school, is the back to school list. The much dreaded list. It wasn't that you had to buy supplies, I still have to buy supplies, it is the absurdity of the list. For example, this would be the required list, for the first day of school, if DJ was entering 6th grade in Gilchrist County schools. Glue sticks, colored pencils, erasable felt markers, white glue, scissors, these are all ridiculous. What 6th grader uses glue and pencils anymore? None that I know of. A pink eraser and a white eraser? What does it matter the color of the eraser? Now to the expense part. 1 Scientific Calculator will cost at the very least 20 dollars and they go up from there. I hate calculators in school anyways. You need to learn the math. I am not sure what a Scientific Calculator does. Then you need a Geometry set. They start at 5 dollars for a cheap plastic set and go up from there. Do you really need a whole Geometry set in the sixth grade, or just a protractor? What about a pocket dictionary? That will put you out about 10 dollars. Why do you even have to supply that to the school? Can't you just have it at home? I was glad to see they didn't make specifics on backpacks and such. There used to be very specific guidelines. I am not bashing public schools, but The List used to drive me crazy, and it still would. What about your schools. What is The List like? Does it drive you batty?

12 #2 pencils,
2 glue sticks,
1 white glue,
1 pink eraser,
1 white eraser,
1 pkg erasable felt markers,
1 pair scissors,
1 pencil case,
10 pocket folders.
1 pkg non lined paper,
2 pkgs lined paper,
4 lined notebooks,
5 blue pens,
2 red pens,
1 ruler,
1 pkg pencil crayons,
2 one inch binders,
8 subject dividers,
1 scientific calculator,
1 geometry set,
1 pocket dictionary,
1 pencil sharpener,
3 highlighter pens


betchai said...

wow, that's a lot of items to buy, kind of confusing already. i was easily distractible if i had a lot of things with me when I was a kid ( maybe up to now but at a lesser extent), and if I have all of these in my school bag, I definitely would get distracted with all their presence :)

Melissa said...

Yes, betchai it is quite the list. I agree too. Why would you want them to have all this stuff on one day, very distracting.

MamaTea said...

We always go take a gander at the list they put up at the stores and are appalled. All. That. STUFF!! Why make things more distracting and insane than they already are? But then we stop and think about it...and we just figure we're thankful we don't have to deal with it. ;)

Melissa said...

Some of them I just don't understand. I would never put public schools down, but a scientific calculator I mean is that really needed in the sixth grade? It just irks me.

michaeledlavitch said...

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