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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Dog Slobber and the Post Office

Those two things sound like they go together, right? LOL! That is Biscuit. I love Biscuit dearly. She is an awesome dog. Biscuit loves to sniff, drool and lick my windows. She also breathes on them when she is excited because someone or something is in her yard. This leaves my window a big mess of dog slobber all combined in one gross mess. Lucky would also love to slobber on the windows, but she is too small. She has to settle with barking at herself in the fireplace door. So yesterday I spent the morning taking down and washing curtains and windows. I love clean windows, they look so awesome. Now if I could encourage Biscuit to not slobber on them, it would be perfect.

I have complained before about our local post office. Since we are a rural community, I really don't have any other options for shipping packages. This morning I heard on the news that the post office, not just mine but all of them, want to save money by making the mail slower. Are you kidding me? Not only slower but you know those packages you pay a lot of extra money for, so they get their faster? Those are the packages they specifically want to make slower. Really, then why do I want to pay that kind of money? This is so frustrating, it makes me see red. Apparently there is a lot of money to be made by making Priority and Express mail slower. Well duh of course there is when you charge what you charge to get it there faster. Ugh!!!!!!!!

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