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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011

I am so glad that they did Trick or Treating here in our town on Monday rather than Saturday. I actually got to enjoy the kids, their costumes, and we had a blast taking pictures as you can see. Biscuit will do just about anything for a duck treat which she loves more than anything. DJ is really learning the ins and outs of our digital camera now. He has taken a ton of pictures this last week, between Seaworld and Halloween. Next week we are heading to the Gulf of Mexico to see what kinds of shots he can get there. He didn't take all of these. I have to upload them to his blog or his online photo journal and that takes a while. I think he has already picked the one he wants to enter for contests this year for 4H. I must admit it is a beauty. I won't share it yet though. I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween and I will be glad when all this chocolate is gone. I am trying so hard to cut my sugar intake. Yesterday was writing and reading and household chores for school.

Lesson Plans For 11/01/2011:

Adventures in Literature: The Stone
Science: 4H entomology, Classifying animals test, Elements
Math: Saxon 65 chapter 44
Social Studies: Chapter 10 Middle Ages
Reading Comprehension
Cursive Writing
Language Arts: Commas

Science: 4H entomology, wind
Cursive Writing and Printing Practice
Head of the Class: 2 cycles
Social Studies: Fire Safety
Language Arts
Math: Saxon 1, Measurement


Rose said...

Fun Halloween pictures! I'm glad that you had a good holiday.

Melissa said...

Thank you Rose!

Kristi said...

Hope they got lots of candy.

Melissa said...

Ms Kristi not really and that is fine with me. Not many people were passing it out this year and since we missed the nursing home the previous week, not much. I throw most of it away anyways so it is OK.

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