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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Photography Class at the Nature Refuge

What a crazy, busy, fun day. We all met at the nature refuge, where we volunteer, with some new friends too for photography class with Ranger Pam. Since I now have a new camera, the first shots I took were so huge they wouldn't download, now these ones seem too small. At any rate these are the ones I took. The last picture is of the old boat dock along the Suwannee that is on protected land. It is so old we weren't allowed to actually walk out onto it. After class, we had a picnic lunch then went to the park for play time. I am pooped and still have a lot to do, but it was worth it. In two weeks we go back for the second part of the class. Each child will use their own pictures they took to make a nature journal, and write about why they took each picture they did. Both kids are standing under a bat house, well not directly under it because they drop guano at will and you don't want to be standing there when they do. You can also tell from the two pictures that I took Caitlin's without flash and DJ's with flash, very dramatic difference. This new camera has a setting where it takes two pictures at the same time, one with flash and one without, very neat. You just have to be sure the subject stays still while the second one clicks through or you end up with nothing there or someone walking away, lol! DJ has gone through all his pictures and picked five to have blown up and printed off for his 4H events starting in January. He still has a lot of time to take pictures and finish his book, but it is always better to be prepared. Now I must go do some work.


betchai said...

cool pictures, Melissa, glad for you have an opportunity to have a photography lesson right in a nature park.

Ebie said...

These are cool photos!
Congratulations to your new camera. I have been to one of the parks and the Rangers offer free classes.
If I may suggest, reduce the size to 50% so you can upload them in your blog. I had that same problem the first time.

Melissa said...

Thank you Betchai and Ms Ebie. I reduced the size on the camera when I actually take the picture, that seems to have helped but they look real small on the blog. I am still learning the new camera, still not a real fancy one with all the gadgets but it will keep me busy for a few years just learning how to use it, lol.

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