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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Plain Old School Day?

LOL, we had just a plain old school day today. Next week we are busy again with a playdate and possibly painting and shopping for Christmas another. That one is up in the air because my mom, who is our painting teacher has a pregnant dog, and she will not leave her until she has the puppies and they are stable. I believe they are actually due Sunday, so we will have to wait and see on painting class. Tomorrow is Friday and we are doing some Reading and Math, and then Christmas specials with popcorn. Anyone interested in a great sale, I am having a 25 Days of Christmas sale in my Etsy store. Each day a new item will be on sale, today is this Amethyst ring for 8 bucks. So be sure to check it out at my Etsy store. Each item ends at 8 AM the following morning, when the next item goes on sale.

Lesson Plans For 12/01/11:

Cursive Writing
Health: The Endocrine System
Religion: Noah's Ark
Language Arts: Commas in a letter
Math: Saxon 65 chapter 51
Social Studies: The Middle Ages, chapter 14
Reading Comprehension

Math: Place value, time and skip counting
Language Arts: Nouns, ing words, proper nouns
Head of the Class: 2 cycles
Cursive Writing
Religion/Health: Noah's Ark
Reading: Stuck in the Mud


Anne said...

That ring is gorgeous. I hope the puppies come before painting class is scheduled.

Melissa said...

Thank you Ms Anne, and I hope the babies will be born by then too.

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