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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Virtual School

Today was our first day of absolute complete schooling and nothing else. This month is so busy, that we have been doing just the most important lessons each day, and then the fun stuff. Next week is not better. Three out of the five days we have other activities going on. So we will be doing mostly half days again. We didn't get to paint, but hopefully that will get squeezed in next week, but it might have to wait until Christmas vacation. I have decided that both kids will do something over the Christmas break. They must do at least one assignment per day. Caitlin will do Head of the Class and DJ will probably pick Science or History. I am certain it won't be math, lol. I signed DJ up today for the Florida Virtual School, as a homeschool child. I want him to take Spanish, as he needs a language to graduate and I know I can not teach it. I am lucky I can teach English. We will see how that goes, and then decide from there for other courses. Since it is free, I might as well take advantage of it. The process was much simpler from when I looked five years ago. They have a public school and homeschool option. Hopefully this will make classes I can not teach easier for all of us. Tomorrow I will be sharing a whole bunch of new links I have discovered for homeschool lessons, many are free. You can browse the current ones way at the bottom of this blog. The new ones will be in a post. Friday's are a free fun type of day. Lessons in the morning, then movies for the afternoon.

Lesson Plans For 12/08/11:

Science: Entomology and Elements
Math: Saxon 65 chapter 54
Health: The Skin
Social Studies: Map Skills
Cursive Writing
Spelling: Chapter 34
Reading Comprehension
Language Arts: Quotation Marks

Reading: My I Book
Head of the Class: Two cycles
Math: Place value, time, adding two numbers
Science: Entomology and hibernation
Language Arts: Words ending in LY, spelling
Social Studies: Plymouth Colony: Building a village


Anne said...

I would love to check out the virtual school. It would give the kids a chance to learn some of the things that school omits. My older daughter takes Spanish and loves it.

Melissa said...

I am sure your state has one, but if it doesn't you can check out but I do not think it is free for out of state residents.

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