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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Photography Class Part 2

Today was part two of Photography class with Ranger Pam, at the refuge. The kids put their journals together, and they all came out so nice. Then we went to the park for lunch and playtime. The weather was finally nice, after five days of gloom and doom.

Tomorrow is the 4H bake off, for Gilchrist County 4H. We are making homemade chocolate fudge peppermint brownies, using the chocolate peppermint sauce I bought from Ms Anne at Small Town Mommy, from her Pampered Chef party. I can not wait to taste them, and we are going to win that golden spoon. The kids are supposed to do the baking with little assistance from parents. So, we invited over another family in our group, to have a cooking party. Should be fun. I will try to remember to take pictures. DJ is usually good in that department. All entries have to be dropped off by 11. Then tomorrow night at 6 everyone returns to see who won, and to get to eat all the goodies made by everyone. I have a feeling I better eat no food tomorrow, lol. I have lost ten pounds, and I hate to move the scale the other direction. Then Friday is finally a day to rest and relax, minus grocery shopping, but still rest.


Anne said...

I hope you enjoyed the peppermint sauce! I bet the brownies were delicious.

Melissa said...

Anne the peppermint sauce was delicious. I think next time I will add frosting to the top just to dress them up a little, but they tasted awesome.

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