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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Requesting Reviews Via Email

Before I get to the topic of this post, a few updates are at hand. We have had a doozy of a week, and next week appears to be the same. Most of it was fun stuff, with some stressful stuff thrown in just for fun. I usually handle stress by attacking the problem, but sometimes it seems as though that will do more harm than good. Maybe I am to ethical, a goody two shoe, whatever you want to call it. Sometimes that just stresses me out. My father in law was in the hospital, thank goodness that stress ended well. It is hard when you are not near loved ones and things happen. Then some teeny stressors that were more annoying than anything else. Then came the neighbors. Ugh I am so tired of the neighbors. The hard part is their kids are good friends with my kids and play together almost everyday. They gave a birthday invitation for their daughter the day before her birthday. Really now I have to come up with a gift and my husband has to take them because I have to sleep for work. So I wrapped up the Toys for Tot doll, sent my husband to get another for Toys for Tots, and sent them off to the party. I won't go into great detail but these people are strange at best. I am not really sure what goes on over there, but my children are not allowed in their home, once in a while their yard. There have been several issues with their pets. Not nice issues, but now another has come up and since the story was told to me the same way several times I have to assume it could be true. This has been breaking my heart for over a day. I just don't understand why people are cruel to their animals. If you don't want it then take it to the pound to hopefully be adopted by someone else. So now I try to sneak peaks to see if I can see the dog to verify the story. I have not seen her yet. I am hoping the story is not true, for I don't really want to deal with this. Then the migraine came without warning. I wish I had an aura, at least I would know it was coming. Since stress is not the trigger, I know the stress didn't cause it, but it didn't help it either. I have not had a migraine in eight months, but have had two in the last two weeks, ugh what is going on! I had to call off from work. I never call off from work, and it makes me feel guilty. Only problem is is why? I had perfect attendance last year, and would have had it again this year if not for yesterday. It bothered me all day. So I have been feeling crappy. Thank goodness my wonderful husband and children take very good care of me when I am completely out of the game. So how was your week, last week? Hopefully better than mine. Now this next week we have a social event every day, except Tuesday. Won't be a whole lot of school being done, but that is OK, that is why we do school over the summer months. Tomorrow we are going shopping with my mom, and to Chinese for lunch. Then we have to hurry home, grab my husband from work, make truffles for 4H party, eat dinner, deposit my husband at his firehouse meeting, and then go to 4H. I am tired already.

Now to the title of this post. I am not going to use this gentleman's name or company. If you get an email like this you won't need a name, you will know what I mean. I was contacted via my personal email to do a review for a new and upcoming Tshirt company. He asked me to respond if I was interested. I sent back some basic questions. And, very quickly I might add, he sent me an email with instructions how to proceed. He would provide me with two Tshirts. He provided a link to pick the Tshirts, then you could add your logo and lettering to the shirt, save and then save the saved code back to him. I did all this, and the Tshirt looked sharp too. Then he sent me another email with the code to cash out and get the shirts for free, but ah here is the trick, I had to supply a credit card so I could be charged one cent if I should not do the review I would be charged full price. I immediately had red flags all over the place. I have done lots of reviews, and never ever been asked to use a credit card. Then I thought maybe because he contacted me privately that this was customary. So I asked blogging friends who also do reviews and they said absolutely not. So I am putting this warning up, so that all my readers will know to avoid these kinds of requests. I am glad I asked others first.

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