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Friday, December 16, 2011

4H Bake Off and Christmas Party

Last night was the second annual 4H Bake Off and Christmas Party. I have been to more Christmas Parties this year than when I can last remember. I am not exactly a social butterfly so hibernating is starting to look good, lol! They have all been fun, and I still have one more on Monday. Our brownies didn't win the golden spoon but did win first place in the brownie category. I did not realize you could enter up to three items, but I do now. Next year we are going to do a cake as well as maybe some candy or something unique. I am glad they did it on a Thursday. Last year it was a Saturday and we could not participate. We sang Christmas Carols and then the kids played Pictionary. That was quite a hoot. Caitlin ended up not feeling well by the end of the night, with a fever to boot. Ibuprofen and 14 hours of sleep later, she was all better. Still stuffy and runny nose, but no fever. I can live with that. The weather is odd this time of year, cold then hot, and it can mess with your allergies or sinuses. So I thought maybe it is that, though she does not usually suffer from these ailments. That would be the luck of DJ and myself. Next week we are finally painting again, it seems like forever. I hope everyone has an awesome weekend! I still have a ton of wrapping to do, if anyone wants to volunteer :)

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