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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Back To Normal?

What does that mean, normal? We were supposed to start our Christmas break next week, but we have sort of started it this week and will do school next week. As you well know, this time of year is filled with fun, friends and food. We have been having such a good time at all our Christmas events. Today Caitlin will do two cycles of Head of the Class and DJ has not chosen which subject he wants to do yet. He did History yesterday, so he has to pick something else. This is the first day, in like five days, that it is not raining or damp out so we can go for our morning walk. I have to play catch up on my online work, haven't made much money this week, and blogging friends blogs and Entrecard. I hate to feel like I am neglecting things. Last night at the 4H meeting the kids decided their volunteer day would be at Otter Springs. Now we just have to figure out what day and time works for everyone involved. That is a trick. I hope everyone is having an awesome week so far. If anyone is wondering about the dog I mentioned in my previous post, I have yet to see her in person. But I am watching.


Anne said...

I hope everything calms down. I have been busy all week so I am just catching up with everything today (as I wait for the FedEx man to arrive with more work).

Melissa said...

I didn't get hardly any online work done this week, and now I return to my out of home job tomorrow.

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