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Monday, December 5, 2011

Giant Turkey Vulture

It seems like DJ takes his camera with him everywhere we go now. This is the first morning we have gotten to walk in almost a week. It was warm and 65 at 9 AM. You can't tell by the images, but this Turkey Vulture is huge. He was just sitting up on top of a big dead tree with his wings spread completely out. He stayed like that for a good couple minutes. DJ took several shots. If you click the image it will be bigger. His camera can only zoom just so far, but a good shot none the less. Usually you just see these birds either flying over head, or eating on something. We hardly ever get to see them like this. Yes, these are right in town. They seem to live a top the old Spanish Moss trees. Tomorrow we have a playdate at the park, and it will be another beauty of a day. Wednesday we are supposed to be having painting class with my mom, but her dog has not had its puppies yet. So we might just paint anyways to practice. I was supposed to begin wrapping presents last night, but all I ended up doing was sorting them and organizing. Still need stocking stuffers, and ordered DJ's last gift this AM. How is everyone doing on their shopping lists?

Lesson Plans For 12/05/11:

Reading: Read one chapter of The Great Brain Reforms
Math: Saxon 65 chapter 53
Writing: Blog post on the Pileated Woodpecker

Head of the Class: Two cycles
Reading: The Lost Kitten
Cursive and Printing Practice
Math: Greater than and less than, time, place value


Anne said...

What a great photo! I have done a lot of my shopping, mostly just stocking stuffers for the kids.

Melissa said...

Thank you Anne. I wish his camera had super zoom so he could show how really big and awesome this bird was.

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