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Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas 2011

Well Christmas is over, and I am happy. Why? Because Christmas is very tiring. We had a wonderful Christmas this year. Every year is good, but this year seemed more relaxed. We did have a bit of sad news. My sister in laws father passed on Christmas Eve. It was kind of not unexpected though, not that it made it any easier to have to start planning a funeral on Christmas.

I spent more money this year, than normal. But for once, and I have been there almost seven years, my job gave me a bonus. This was way back in August and I saved it for gifts. Even my husband got a lot of gifts. We usually try to stick to the rule of three gifts for each child, that didn't happen this year, and I don't even feel guilty. The dogs even got a gift. Who am I kidding, like the kids would let me leave them out, lol! Biscuit is staring into the wrapping paper box, because she knows the outer wrapper to her bone is in there, and she thinks she wants it, lol. DJ got a karaoke machine, the Cadillac version thanks to my husband. Craig spent all Christmas day singing for us and the whole neighborhood. It was in the eighties and the windows were open. DJ and I sung a bit too, but Caitlin and Nonie would have no part.

Today we went shopping, because you have to spend all that money relatives gave you. Caitlin bought some Vet station thing. It is huge, and I really tried to talk her out of it. DJ got the other game he wanted, and Craig decided to save his. Now that is a stunner. I did get gifts too. I must have been extra good this year, because I got an Ereader which hasn't arrived yet, two jewelry semi mounts, gemstones from my mom, and DJ got me a Chia Cat. Woohoo! Oh and a lovely poinsettia from a dear friend of mine. I have never had one, so I hope I don't kill it. I did put it out on the porch, because my house just does not get enough sun inside, this is on purpose by the way.

Check out my jewelry blog if you want to see the semi mounts with gemstones in them. In another words the finished product.


Anne said...

I absolutely love my ereader. I hope you enjoy it.

Melissa said...

So far I am loving mine too!

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