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Thursday, November 17, 2011

What We Have Been Up To

I have posted so much about paints and pictures, that it seems that is all we have been doing, but that is not completely true. We have been busy rearranging and planning for the holiday next week, and the following week we are going to a photography class at the nature refuge. This took some juggling, and it now has turned into a two day class instead of one. That only complicated schedules, but no matter we really want to do it. We also decided with my mom, our painting teacher, that this next class will be on Thanksgiving day and we will be painting ornaments into advent ornaments. Each ornament will be numbered 1-25 on one side, and something pretty on the other side. Then starting Dec. 1st through the 25th a new ornament will be added to the tree until they are all on, on Christmas. It will all work out, it always does. Today we did a lot of book work, and will do some tomorrow, though both kids caught up nicely. DJ has a bit of math left, and a Science chapter. Caitlin is pretty good. So we might be able to have a light day after all. Next week my husband is off the whole week, so there will be no school. This was not planned, but unavoidable, again more juggling of lessons and days off in the future, but it must be done. One of the many things I appreciate about homeschooling is the flexibility it affords me. I am sure I have mentioned that before, LOL! The National Geographic Kids Photography contest has ended and winners will be announced Dec. 5th. Wish DJ luck! Then we have all these 4H meetings, events and commitments, boy we are busier than I realized. I didn't even mention Christmas events.

Lesson Plans For 11/17/11:
Social Studies: Map skills, Chapter 12 Middle Ages
Cursive Writing
Math: Proportion and percentage
Science: Entomology
Reading Comprehension
Language Arts: Commas

Social Studies: Fire Safety
Science: Turtles, wetlands, entomology
Reading: Animal Camoflauge
Language Arts: Antonyms, words ending in ED
Cursive Writing
Head of the Class: Two cycles

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