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Monday, November 7, 2011

Meet the Elements

Do you remember learning about the elements and The Periodic Table, in school? How much of it do you remember. I do remember a few of them, but in no way could recite them all. DJ is just starting to learn about Matter and the Elements and all that goes with it. The cute song below may help you remember them.

Coming up this week we have our second trip to the nature refuge for volunteer work. That will be on Wednesday. Because DJ is doing book two of The Story of the World, I have picked some extra American history to add in to Social Studies days. We have begun learning about The Constitution. DJ had a writing challenge on the Constitution that will be posted to his blog. I can't share the whole challenge because I got it from Edhelper which you have to pay for. But it is only 20 bucks per year, so it is well worth it. I use it all the time.

Lesson Plans For 11/7/11:

Math: Saxon 65 Chapter 46
Writing: Constitution challenge
Social Studies: The Constitution
Reading: Chapters one and two of Darien's Rise

Head of the Class: Two Cycles
Language Arts: Words ending in ed, and telling sentences
Sight Words: Fill in the blank sentences
Printing Practice: Sight words
Cursive Writing
Social Studies: The Constitution
Math: Saxon 1, and counting pennies


betchai said...

oh, i hated chemistry when it was first introduced to me, i just did not get why all we learn were symbols, but i ended up majoring in chemistry since when i was in college i fell in love with all the chemical reactions :) love the song

Anne said...

Have fun volunteering. What a great way to teach science and altruism. I never learned the periodic elements. My education has some serious gaps.

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