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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Nothing Exciting Today

I guess all the excitement for the week is over. I have to work tomorrow night, so no lessons tomorrow except grocery shopping. I am in a bit of a mood because someone started some trouble and I am now being asked to forget about it. This is not easy for me, but I will try to be the better person. Oh, and I ran out of printer paper so I can not print any of the extra lessons I wanted to print, grrrrr.

Lesson Plans For 11/3/11:

Cursive Writing
Health: The muscular system
Math: Saxon 65 chapter 45
Science: Elements
Language Arts: Commas

Cursive Writing
Head of the Class: Three cycles
Social Studies: Mayflower Compact
Language Arts: Action words
Math: Saxon 1, telling time
Shape Words: Crossword puzzle
Word Play: Worksheet


Cool Math Games for Kids said...

I love grocery shopping!!

Melissa said...

LOL you can do mine for me.

Anne said...

It sounds like this was a frustrating day. I hope things have gotten better.

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