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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Man Oh Man

I consider myself to be a very tolerant person, who can see both sides of a story. However, the line stops at pedophiles and I don't mean the 17 year old that has sex with the 16 year old and then has to register as a sex offender. No, I am talking about predatory sex offenders, that have no use whatsoever to this society. In case you have not heard the former defensive coach for the Penn State football program has been arrested on several counts of child rape of young boys. I will not share the grand jury indictment because it is very graphic and disgusting. You can, however find it on Twitter very easily. Before you make an opinion read it. These are not just accusations but results of a three year investigation into the allegations. It is very difficult to read and if you are not disgusted by the time you are done, then I feel sorry for you. To make it worse it appears college officials covered it up, rather than dealing with it properly. I was so disgusted that it just makes me realize how low humanity really is. Society reviles people who abuse animals more than people who abuse children. Society finds it disgusting and abhorrent to torture and abuse a dog, yet child molesters, child abusers, and pedophiles very often get off with a slap on the wrist. Will we never see the error of our ways? Beware for your children these pigs are everywhere. They hide behind the foil of being educated, kind and lovers of children who only want to help them.

Lesson Plans For 11/08/11:

Cursive writing
Science: Chemistry, vertebrates test
Reading: The Golden Serpent
Persuasive Writing
Reading Comprehension

Head of the Class: Two cycles
Language Arts: Words ending in ed, word order in sentences
Math: Saxon 1
Science: Clouds
Cursive Writing
Printing Practice
Sight Words: Fill in the blanks


Joyce Lansky said...

I'll have to google this one. I hadn't heard what exactly happened, I've only seen the upset students picketing his dismissal.


Melissa said...

Joyce, it is still just beginning for all these people involved. I am afraid of where it is actually going to end up with this man.

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