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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Veteran's Day Parade In A Small Town

Yesterday was Veteran's Day, and while we had no school we did go down the parade sponsored by our small town. Now we went last year too, and this year was slightly improved, but I think someone needs to learn how to put on a parade. When I was a kid, and there were tons of parades back then, it wasn't just the one town that participated in the parade. Other town schools, bands, fire dept, American legions, and groups were invited to represent themself in the parade. Now I know other towns didn't do a parade, so this could have been done. We will have to see for next year. It was cold, last year it rained, but the sun was warm and beautiful. Here are some pictures DJ took of the parade.


Rose said...

How nice that your town does a parade for Veteran's Day!

Melissa said...

I was surprised that were not more that did. They do homecoming parades but none to honor those that serve our country. Weird.

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