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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Doing The Right Thing Is Not Easy

I won't go into too much detail, but how can I teach my children to have good character, if I do not have good character? My job is a challenge, to say the least, for many reasons. One of the reasons I stay there, is because I feel I am needed there, for some reason. I am not a follower and I do not take bullying well. I was once again placed in a situation where I had to choose my character, or the way that everyone else goes. I chose my dignity, and my character, unfortunately that may cost me my job. I spoke the supervisor and made my feelings known, but Monday when all the management returns from the weekend, will decide my fate. It does not help that they are do for inspection and are hoping for a good one. I felt guilty at first, as I did not know this, but then I thought why should I feel guilty for doing what was right? If you want your kids to learn good character, and to be stand up citizens, you have to do the same. It is not easy though.

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