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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Travel In Mexico City and Ancient Egypt

Yesterday was a sort of free day. We had a play date at the park, and library trip planned. But some members were sick, and it was so cold with the wind chill, that we postponed both until next week. My children still enjoy the trip to the library and reading books hands on. I can assume at some point ebooks will enter our lives. Because we didn't do either of those things, DJ played Neopets puzzles on the Wii, a challenging puzzle game he got last year for Christmas but has refused to play, until yesterday when I made him. Now he finds it quite entertaining, and challenging. Caitlin played it a bit as well. Caitlin spent a great deal of time playing educational games online at Nickjr, GirlsGo, and watching animal videos on NatGeo Kids.

Today is Social Studies, and DJ and Caitlin partially is still doing Ancient Times. Today is about Egypt. They have a cool craft for Friday, to go along with this chapter, and one from last week, that I will share on Friday. We are still traveling to Mexico, and will be learning about Mexico City, the largest city in Mexico. Next week we start Brazil.

Lesson Plans For 12/8/10:

Social Studies: As above, and map skills
Math: Fractions, and mixed math
Sign Language
Spelling: Chapter 10 write each word three times each

Social Studies: As above, and parts of a bicycle
Math: Addition
Language Arts: Blends, contractions
Read sentences to color the picture WS
Spelling: List 10
Printing Practice
Following directions WS
Calendar work, clock work, sight words, skip counting

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