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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Wetlands Biomes and Lunar Eclipse

Did you get to see the Lunar Eclipse overnight? If not you can go to to see it. I woke the kids up at 2 AM so they could watch some of it. It was cold so we only stayed out about 30 minutes.

You still have time to enter my giveaway for icaughtsanta free photo. I have four to giveaway, and only one person has entered, so you still have time. It is the post right below this one.

Even though we are doing school this week, it is relaxed. DJ is finishing up his biomes with the Wetlands, and Caitlin has African animals to add to her animal book. Over Christmas break DJ will have to do math each day, and Caitlin will have to read. Either through their regular books, or online games and activities. I do this on purpose.


betchai said...

we were rained out in SoCal, I was hoping the rain would stop a bit and give way for the moon so I can watch the lunar eclipse, but no :(

wish you a wonderful Christmas Melissa.

Tim said...

How awesome that you were able to show your kids the eclipse. It was snowing an overcast here - so I was out at 2am and didn't see a thing. Thanks to the internet, I didn't miss it, though.


Melissa said...

Betchai I saw on the news all the rain you guys were getting. Stay safe, and warm. There is supposed to be another one next year, but I am unsure if it is visible for North America.

Tim they were groggy but it was exciting for them. I will check out your website. I am always looking for new resources. Thanks!

Tim said...

Even though they were groggy, they'll hopefully remember the opportunity to see it. :)

Thanks for checking out the website - feel free to email to request specific materials too. I try to build it up and add new materials all the time.

Happy holidays!


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