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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Don't Forget Your Feathered Friends On Christmas!

My kids love to feed the birds, and we have several bird feeders, and one house. Some were made when we did our recycling lesson, and one was made by Grandpa Ed. We have a whole bunch of these pine cones, that were given to us, but I didn't want to just throw them away after the holidays. So voila now I can use them to make bird feeders for the birds. This is so easy it is sinful. I already have craft wire, because I use it for jewelry making, and seed and peanut butter. Now I just need to get cracking and do it. Check it out if you want a fun and easy way to thank your feathered friends.


Anne said...

We actually keep our pine cones and recycle them year after year. I have used the same pine cones for as long as I have been married. EIther that is really frugal or just really sad.

Melissa said...

I vote for really frugal. Caitlin and I actually did two of these last night, and it was so easy.

Tim said...

I remember doing these when I was a kid! What fun - to make them, eat the peanut butter off of our fingers, and watch the birds!

Then in the spring we'd make bird houses out of milk cartons too.


Melissa said...

Tim we did the milk carton bird feeders and house early this fall when we did our reduse, reuse, and recycle program.

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