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Friday, December 3, 2010

Try Ecosmart Pest Control For Free!

Do you like free stuff? Of course, who doesn't. As some of you know, my children and I, did a whole 4 week course on being more Ecosmart. Now I have been given the opportunity to try Ecosmart Home Pest Control, and I get to give away a bundle of it to one of my readers. Each bundle will contain a can of ant and roach killer, home pest control, flying insect controller, and insect repellent. Each item is shown in the picture.

Ecosmart is an organic and natural pest controller, that is safe for your home. For example, do you live where pesky gnats are a bother in your home? How to kill gnats in the home, is no longer a problem. The Ecosmart products are safe for yard, homes, pets, children, and your garden. I have a dog, rabbit, and children so keeping them safe while keeping fleas, palmetto bugs, gnats, flies and all other types of nasty bugs, we get here in FL, away from my home is very important to me. I do not like bugs all that much. As my children will point out to me, they serve a purpose. While that may be true, I am not fond of sharing living quarters with them. I can not wait for my bundle to arrive, so I can try it. The winner of the Ecosmart Home Pest Control bundle will have their email and name shared with the distributor of this product. Jeffrey will then contact you for your shipping information.

To enter is about as simple as it can be. No fuss, and you don't have to give away your first born to enter. Just leave me a comment stating why you want or need the Ecosmart Home Pest Control bundle. Don't worry no answer is wrong, or better than the other. Anyone who leaves a comment stating the reason will be entered. The contest starts today 12/3/10 and will run for two weeks, until 12/17/10. I have made a fancy little badge that will be on the sidebar as a form of sticky post, to remind others to join. On 12/17, at 8 AM, all entry names will be put into a hat, and one of my children will draw the lucky winners name. Those of you who follow my blog know this is how I do all my contests. Simple and fair. You must live in the US, with the exception of Hawaii and Alaska, to enter. Those are the requirements of the company.

This is a great giveaway, so hurry and enter. Be sure to tell your friends too.


Anne said...

I'm with you. I hate bugs and they are not welcome in my house. When they start contributing to the mortgage, they can stay.

I had a huge gnat problem about a month ago. It seems to be under better control but I would love to have something to spray at them. The Karate Kid move of grabbing them out of the air gets old fast.

Kristy said...

I would love this bundle you are giving away Ms. Melissa. I try to use all natural products in my home so I don't expose our family to toxins and pesticides so this would be great for our home to help get rid of those nasty little bugs that come into our home.

Lori said...

I would love to try these products. I have seen them used on a TV program. We just moved and are having a problem with bugs in the new house. We have several indoor and outdoor animals so we can not use poisons either.

Melissa said...

Your entries have all been counted. Good Luck!

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