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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Endocrine System

As you can see by the title of my post, tomorrow is Health class. DJ will be reading and learning about the Endocrine System. This is actually a large and complicated subject to cover. DJ will be covering the basics. For Caitlin she will be doing left to right awareness, jumping, and other balance activities. If you want to check out the advent calendar we created, using candles, head over to Melissas Jewelry. What clever ideas have you used to make an advent calendar? Please share.

Lesson Plans For 12/2/10:

Health: The Endocrine System, About 4H
Math: Fractions, and mixed math
Language Arts: Adjectives
Writing: Sensory details
Reading Comprehension with WS
Sign Language
Proof Reading

Health: Motor skills activities, About 4H
Math: Addition
Printing Practice
Language Arts: Blends, compound words
Read sentences to color the picture: WS
Spelling: List 9
Sight words, calendar work, clock work, skip counting


Anne said...

Since I am completely uncrafty, I had to but an Advent calendar. I like ours because it has ornaments rather than candy and the kids get to hang an ornament each day.

Melissa said...

Ooh I like that idea too. I will have to remember that for next year. I will probably make the ornaments though, LOL.

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