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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Wolves In Yellowstone National Park

Because we have a playdate, and library activities on Tuesday, we are doing Science on Monday, this week. Caitlin will be learning about wolves and the importance of their presence in the ecosystem. Reading assignments with review questions, plus the three videos below. This is a several part video, 1-3 this week. This is actually a quite interesting lesson. They have learned that the predator is a very important part of the biome, or ecosystem to maintain balance of the habitat. They have brought the wolves back to Yellowstone National Park and their numbers are increasing.

Lesson Plans For 12/6/10:

Science: Wolves in an ecosystem, and transferring heat
Math: Fractions, mixed math
Spelling: Chapter 10 write words three times each
Sign Language
Writing: Fishy Monday Sunshine Chromis blog post

Math: Addition
Science: Wolves in an ecosystem, weather lapbook winter
Printing Practice
Spelling: List 10
Read sentences to color the picture WS
Language Arts: Contractions, blends
Following Directions: WS
Clock work, calendar work, sight words, skip counting


Anne said...

My daughter loves wolves. She is actually crazy about all animals but she likes the underdog and feels badly about all the negative things people say about them.

Melissa said...

Your daughter is a great animal lover, I can tell. My kids are too.

MrsRoadRunner said...

Very nice blog!! I will be keeping this one around! Some of us grown ups need information too :0)

Melissa said...

Mrsroadrunner I agree 100 percent.

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