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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Ancient Mayans, and Taxco Mexico

Tomorrow is Social Studies, and we are still studying Mexico in our journey around the world. Some of you may know the story of the Mayans, and some may not. It is very interesting, and the short video below highlights their journey. Taxco, Mexico is called the silver capital of the world. View the video to learn why. DJ is also still doing his Story of the World Ancient Times lessons, and Caitlin will pick up something that I have not decided yet. I think I might have her do some geography games. I can not believe at the end of December, we will be half way through our school year. It doesn't seem possible.

Lesson Plans For 12/1/10:

Social Studies: As above plus map skills
Math: Fractions, mixed math
Spelling: List 9, put words in alphabetical order
Sign Language

Social Studies: As above and possibly geography games
Printing Practice
Math: Addition
Spelling: List 9
Language Arts: Blends, compound words
Read sentences to color the picture WS

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