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Monday, November 22, 2010

Nebulas, Galaxies and the Milky Way

Because we have a short week this week, DJ and Caitlin are doing Science today, and History on Wednesday. Tuesday is our play date in the park, so there are no lessons. No school Thursday or Friday.

Today DJ is continuing learning about space with nebulas, galaxies, and the Milky Way. The assignment in his book focuses on the Hubble telescope, so I have included a video below with pictures from the Hubble telescope of galaxies and nebulas. There is also a cool video of the Milky Way in 3D. Watch them and enjoy them, they are really cool.

Lesson Plans For 11/22/10:

Science: As above, and About 4H
Reading Comprehension with worksheet
Reading: Viking Ships at Sunrise with book report
Writing: Bee poem, blog post
Math: Reducing fractions, mixed math

Reading: Wet Legs, and Crab Trap
Math: Addition, beginning fractions
Moses coloring page
Phonics: Blends, same sounds
Printing Practice
Read sentences to color pictures correctly
Science: Dinosaur lapbook with art work, pond animals
Clock work, and calendar work


Anne said...

My older daughter is studying space in science right now as well. There is something really fascinating about space.

Melissa said...

It is really fascinating, but so much to remember. DJ is much better at remembering all he learns about it than me. He could probably teach it much better than me LOL.

I'm NOT a VOLCANO! said...

I don't homeschool- but this is amazing, and my 4 year old son (who wants to be an astronaut) will LOVE it!!! I'm going to show him.

Thank you so much for commenting on my Touchy Topic Tuesday! Please join me next week too! I am also following you now!

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