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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Miquon Math, Play Date, and A Rabbit

Today is our play date at the park, from 12-2. We don't do official lessons on these days. Here are some pictures of the new rabbit. His name is Cinnamon Bun Spot, or just Spot for short. Caitlin is still learning to care for her rabbit. You can see more rabbit pictures on DJ's blog. Last night we had 4H, and it was much less chaotic, and everyone had a good time. I have put the Miquon math link below so I can find it easily. I think this is the math program I will use for Caitlin until she gets older. I love the Saxon math for DJ, but he is older and the Saxon is quite difficult when they are real young, at least I think it is. The Miquon was recommended to me from another homeschooler, and it is very affordable. Though I have not actually tried it yet, I will be using it next year for 2nd grade with Caitlin. The kids are going through some sadness right now, because their friends who live directly behind us are moving. They will be in the same town but they won't get to play with them every day anymore.


Anne said...

Welcome to the new rabbit. It definitely looks like love. I am sorry to hear your neighbors are moving. It is always hard when friends move, even if it is just across town.

Melissa said...

Anne, thank you. Yes they are all having a hard time, but it is just across town and they can always come and play after school. I think it will be OK.

Aysha said...

I am glad that you talked about a new resource to teach good Math... and so sorry your kids' friends are moving..I hope they stay in touch and make new friends too

Kristy said...

The rabbit is adorable Ms. Melissa! I want one now! LOL! I am sorry that DJ and Caitlin's friends are moving.

Melissa said...

Thank you Aysha and Kristy. Come to find out it looks like the parents have split, so the kids will come back to visit dad, and they can still all play. Still a change, but kids are flexible.

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