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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Fire Safety and Dinosaurs

Today for Health we are doing Fire Safety. We actually do fire safety several times a year, with fire drills. My kids love the Dan Doofus videos. They have been posted already on this blog and your kids can view them here. It is a fun way to teach fire safety. DJ will be doing a writing assignment on fire safety tomorrow. DJ also has the Excretory System today. That video is in yesterday's post. I am posting the rest of the videos about dinosaurs for Caitlin and anyone else who wishes to view them.

Lesson Plans For 11/19/10:

Math: Test
Spelling: Test chapter 8
Writing: Blog post about fire safety
Art: Draw Write Now: pots and baskets, dragon art
Reading: Christmas in Camelot with BR

Printing Practice
Reading: Wet Legs and one other book from list
Art: Dinosaur lapbook art, DWN pots and baskets


Aysha said...

I really admire your lesson plans and how you manage to do it all from home. Teaching children fire safety is very important

Melissa said...

Thank you Aysha. I truly enjoy every moment of it.

Anne said...

Fire safety is so important. We teach it at home and the schools cover it as well. Although it doesn't sound as if it is covered as in depth as you do it. I will have to send my kids to you to get the real scoop.

Melissa said...

Anne actually I think the public schools do fire safety week at least three times a year. I am unsure of how indepth they go. I am a bit of a safety nerd which explains why we cover it so much.

The Rheinlander's said...

These are great!! It is truly important to learn about fire safety and too fun to learn about dinosaurs!! My nephew is a dinosaur expert and he is only 5 : ) I'll have to show him this post!!

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