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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Mixing Colors and Copernicus

Today is Science here at Melissa's Homeschool. DJ will be doing more space activities beginning with learning about Copernicus. He has two reading assignments, the video below, and then review questions. Caitlin and DJ both will be doing an experiment about mixing colors. We actually will be doing this tomorrow when we continue learning about Canada, and we get to make an ice sculpture with colors we mix and match. Should be fun, and I will get pictures before it melts. If you have a youngster learning about farm animals, and want something fun to teach it. Have your child draw a farm with all the animals that can be found on a farm. Here in Florida public school kids have no school due to election day. Don't forget to vote!

Lesson Plans For 11/02/10:

Science: Copernicus, Solar System, mixing colors experiment
Math: Division, mixed math
Sign Language
Spelling: Chapter 7 write each word three times each

Science: Farm animals with her own drawing of a farm with animals, mixing colors experiment
Math: Addition
Reading Sentences and word placement worksheet
Language Arts: Long vowels, blends sl and br
Printing Practice
Clock work, calendar work, sight words, skip counting


Veronica Lee said...

Love the video. Thanks for sharing this!

Have a nice day!

Melissa said...

Your welcome, thanks for stopping by.

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