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Monday, November 29, 2010

Biomes: Life In The Grasslands

Tomorrow for Science class DJ is starting Biomes, which is basically a fancy way of saying animal habitats. This will be an easy four weeks for him, because he can probably teach it. Tomorrow's biome is the Grasslands. The video below is for him and his sister to watch. Use it and enjoy it in your lessons. Caitlin is doing insects and the Grasslands. Since the first is on Wednesday I will be sharing our two new ideas for Advent Calendars for the 25 days of Christmas. Be sure to check back, I am ultra frugal, so anyone can make these.

Lesson Plans For 11/30/10:

Science: Biomes: Life in the Grasslands
Math: Fractions, mixed math
Spelling: List 9 write each word three times each
Sign Language

Science: Dinosaur lapbook with last drawing, Grasslands, insects
Printing Practice
Spelling: List 9
Language Arts: Blends, compound words
Read sentences to color the picture: WS
Sight words, clock work, calendar work, skip counting


Veronica Lee said...

Another great lesson! Thanks

Have a nice day!

Anne said...

I bet DJ will really enjoy Biomes. Kids love animals.

Melissa said...

Thank you Veronica Lee, and Anne yes my kids are animal fanatics. I don't know about all kids but mine are.

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