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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Desert Plants and Animals

Tomorrow we only have a half day of school, and a good part of it is History and Math. The video below is quite long, but suits the needs of both of my children. We have been traveling around the world, learning about different countries. We are currently on Mexico, and tomorrow they are learning about the Mexican peso, and plants and animals of the desert. Since I couldn't find a video directly on Mexican deserts I chose this one because it is NM and AZ, close enough to Mexico. Plus Caitlin is learning about animals, and habitats, so this suits her needs as well. I will be doing a review on a cool dog book tomorrow, so be sure to check for that. If you have cable be sure to record History Channel's show on Thanksgiving, it is very good. We will also be making Native American shirts and dresses, to be worn on Thanksgiving Day. If you buy a plain white Tshirt then cut the bottom and sleeves to make fringe, then let your kids paint and design them you can have Indians for dinner too. The hats are easy. Just measure around your child's head then cut construction paper to correct length. Glue or tape to fasten. Then either make a feather, or print one off and fasten to the headband. Then we bought some big bold jewelry to go with the outfit. The kids are excited about this, and I will share pictures.


Veronica Lee said...

Every visit to your blog is such a fun learning experience! Great video!

Happy TG!

Melissa said...

Thank you Veronica, and Happy Thanksgiving to you as well.

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