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Friday, November 26, 2010

Native American Shirts, Fall Door

First off I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving. My kids don't eat pie, but they love cake. So I made them the cute pumpkin cake shown.

We have been studying Native Americans their dress, culture and customs, for some time now. I decided to have the kids pretend they were part of a Native American tribe and to design their own clothing. You can see the results below. I forgot to make the headpieces though. The door is Caitlin's Fall door, with all things related to Fall. She will be starting a Winter door next week. These are more fun than some of the other ways to teach and learn about the Seasons.

Electronics appear to be the hot Christmas gift items this year. If you are interested in purchasing an Ipad if you could use my link below, I would greatly appreciate it. I did some Black Friday shopping right here from home, on my computer. Toys R Us has some awesome toy deals, just none I wanted. I picked up PJ's for the whole family for only $4.50 at Walmart, and a digital photo frame for me for only $29 dollars at Target. Some of these stores are extending their sale times, and inventory is running out, so be sure to check around before they are all gone.

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