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Monday, November 15, 2010

Newton, Comets, Asteroids, and Thanksgiving

Tomorrow is Science with a touch of History. If you go to you can watch the live podcast on the first Thanksgiving. It will be showing tomorrow at 1PM.

This week DJ is studying Sir Isaac Newton, asteroids and comets. The four videos below, are all great adjuncts to any lessons you may use. I am curious if any of my homeschool readers have ever used I really like the themed units as a way to learn, but I want to be sure they are complete enough for my older learner. I put a lot of time into lessons right now, and really am not fond of all the books we have lying around all the time. I would love to try all themed units next year, but am looking for some feedback from others first. Maybe they have some free ones I can try, for older learners, to see how I like them.

Lesson Plans For 11/16/10:

Science: As above
First Thanksgiving podcast
Spelling: Chapter 8 write each word three times each
Math: Division
Sign Language

First Thanksgiving podcast
Math: Addition
Spelling: List 8
Printing Practice
Science: Dinosaur lapbook with artwork, Weather/Seasons lapbook Fall
Language Arts: Long vowels, blends
Read sentences and color pictures WS

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