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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Learning About Dinosaurs Velociraptor And Triceratops

Finally we are back on track after a crazy week of fun and excitement last week. Caitlin has begun a dinosaur lapbook. I found a cool art book at the library, and she will be drawing her own dinosaurs to add to her book. I ran out of printer ink, so I won't be printing anything until next week. I will be adding the videos in this series below, as we go along, to help her learn about each dinosaur. Down at the bottom of this blog, are a bunch of free links, in that section there is a website all about dinosaurs for kids to learn with. It is a good site, and you should check it out. Because I use two different math resources for DJ, he will be finishing up division this week in his Spectrum workbook, with no Saxon math. Then after the Thanksgiving break he will begin fractions in the Spectrum math book and mixed math in his Saxon book.

Lesson Plans For 11/15/10:

Language Arts: Linking verbs
Writing: Blog Post: Fishy Monday Coral Grouper fish
Spelling: Chapter 8 write each word three times each
Math: Division
Reading Comprehension with worksheet
Art: Dragon Art or Dinosaurs

Spelling: List 8
Printing Practice
Math: Addition
Language Arts: Long vowels, blends
Dinosaur lapbook with art work
Read sentences to color pictures WS
Calendar work, clock work, sight words, skip counting


rochelle said...

Oh i love dinosaurs, melissa. fascinating creatures. i've been collecting books about dinosaurs since i was single and now bianca is enjoying them. Is Caitlin enjoying her dino lapbook?

Melissa said...

Rochelle both my kids love dinosaurs. DJ is mostly the teacher on this subject. He seems to be a walking encyclopedia on this topic.

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