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Monday, November 8, 2010

Learning Via The Computer And Internet

So today was our first day of learning strictly on the internet. This was actually an enjoyable way to learn, though I am still not convinced that it should be without book work too. Below are the websites we used, that we liked. We tried a couple others that we did not like, and will be removed from my saved list. We focused mostly on Science today because Tuesday is our usual Science day, and we don't have school tomorrow. We have 4h meeting tonight, and that is included in our school log. Caitlin did do some tracing and cutting as well, as she was becoming bored. I think for young learners the internet mode of learning is not optimal, because they learn by hands on doing things, and this is just sitting at the computer. Another thing I have learned is that buying used curriculum can be tricky. I purchased a whole set of videos for 5th grade science, that are basically of no use to us, because they are all just experiments. It isn't what I expected, or needed. But I will remember to ask very specific questions from here on out when purchasing used lessons.

DJ's lessons today:

Math games on Very good website, very useful, and enjoyable.
Science:, and While I preferred the second site more, DJ liked the first site better. He said the videos were better on that site. These both have quizzes at the end of each chapter you can print and put in your portfolio. Then he and his sister took two different leaves from trees in our yard and had to identify them. They are Oak, and Sycamore. Last but not least for his 4H photography he took pictures of his sister and the rabbit, and assisted with care of the rabbit. He watched a lesson on cameras on Brain Pop. DJ also listened to several podcasts on He did not enjoy this as much as the sites with the videos, but I like them because it forces him to listen and pay attention.

Caitlin: Used the second website listed above for her Science lessons. DJ read all the info to her, and she learned about animal tracks, and trees. Then she learned to identify two leaves. She right now for Science is focused on learning about rabbits, and their care. She held and socialized with the rabbit, cleaned its cage, gave it fresh food and water, and took pictures with her rabbit. His name is Cinnamon Bun Spot. Because he is a pedigree that is not his registered name but she wants to call him that. She also watched several videos on the care of rabbits, and started her 4H small animals guide book. To round out her day, she traced and cut out Acorns for our Thankful Tree we will be beginning.


computer help said...

Internet learning is no longer an emerging trend nowadays. More and more people are into online education. It's a convenient way to learn.

Melissa said...

Yes, for adults I completely agree. But for children both public, and homeschool online school is still a trend and not the norm, yet.

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