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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Discover Mexico

Tomorrow for History class we continue our around the world series with, Mexico. First a brief history of Mexico, and the video discovering Mexico. All countries have a history. What do you know about their history? I will be putting up the rest of the dinosaur videos for Caitlin, and any other kids who want to watch them, at the end of the week. Caitlin has counted by fives, all the way up to 60 now, and is telling time to the five minute interval with minimal assistance. This is great progress for her.

Lesson Plans For 11/17/10:

History: As above, plus The Story of the World Ancient Times chapter 10, map skills, The Seminoles
Math: This is being changed as the very long division is giving him a hard time, so we will back track to give him more practice. So it will be division, and mixed math tomorrow.
Spelling: Chapter 8 put the words in alphabetical order

History: As above, plus off to America a pilgrim worksheet
Spelling: List 8
Math: Addition
Printing Practice
Dinosaur lapbook with art work
Language Arts: Long vowels, blends, short vowels
Read the sentence to color the picture WS
Clock work, calendar work, skip counting, sight words

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