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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Excretory System and Thanksgiving Activities

I saw somewhere to make a Thankful tree for Thanksgiving. I took that idea and tweaked it a bit and cut out large acorns for each person to write what they were thankful for, on them. Then I added them to our Fall themed door. I will take a picture of the door on Thanksgiving for record keeping. Another cute idea my children and I thought up is for them to dress like Native Americans for Thanksgiving Day. I will stop at the Dollar Tree on Friday to see if I kind find some nice beaded jewelry. To make the squaw dress and shirt we are taking an white T shirt and cutting fringe into the bottom and the sleeves. I am going to let them paint them too, they just don't know it yet. I have not decided on face paint yet. They should be cute. The feather band is very simple to make with a feather template and construction paper. Tomorrow for Health we are doing Fire Safety, and The Excretory System.

Lesson Plans For 11/18/10:

Health: Excretory System, Fire Safety, About 4H smart shopping
Math: Mixed math, fractions
Reading Comprehension with worksheet
Sign Language
Spelling: Chapter 8
Reading: The Story of Monticello with BR, this was supposed to be done last week
Dragon Art

Health: Fire Safety, About 4H smart shopping
Dinosaur Lapbook with art work
Language Arts: Same sounds, blends, long vowels
Spelling: List 8
Math: Addition
Read sentences to color the picture WS
Clock work, calendar work, sight words, skip counting


Veronica Lee said...

Very cool video. I'm getting my boys to watch it. Thanks for posting this.

Happy WW!

Anne said...

We do something very similar to your thankful tree. I make everyone say what they are thankful for over dinner.

Melissa said...

Veronica Lee I hope they find it interesting and helpful.

Anne, we do sometimes do that as well, if I can get everyone to pay attention while staring at all the good food. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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