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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Verbs Helping and Linking

Well I am glad this very busy week is beginning anew. I am ready to get some school time in. If you have a child that is learning about verbs, including linking and helping verbs, then a quick review video could be helpful to you. I try to review grammar lessons already learned frequently, because quite frankly they are easy to forget. Caitlin will be beginning her Winter season door tomorrow by making snowflakes. This is a simple craft, that all kids love to do.

Lesson Plans For 11/29/10:

Spelling: Chapter 9 write each word three times each
Writing: Fishy Monday: Princess Damsel Fish blog post on DJ's blog
Writing: Sensory details in writing
Language Arts: Verbs helping and linking
Sign Language
Math: Fractions, mixed math
Reading: Comprehension with worksheet
Proofreading WS

Printing Practice
Math: Addition, estimating
Language Arts: Blends, compound words
Read sentences to color pictures WS
Dinosaur lapbook with art work
Site words, calendar work, clock work, skip counting
Spelling list 9


Anne said...

My kids love to make snowflakes. My older daughter has learned a new technique that is a little more involved but makes beautiful snowflakes.

Melissa said...

Anne please ask her to share her technique. I would love to try it.

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