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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Entrecard, and Ice Sculpture Hotel

First I have to tell me readers, after two years, I am removing the Entrecard widget from my blogs. This morning while doing my drops yet again another hack site, and then one with a redirect to a virus download. This is the same virus that nearly wiped out my computer before, and I am not dealing with it again. I use several other traffic exchange sites, and I don't know what they do differently for security but whatever it is Entrecard needs to do it too. They can not protect their members from these sites and that is obvious. I still will do my Blogging for Fun friends as I always do, and I have new group at Mom Bloggers Club. Both widgets are on the side bar, and if you would like to join that would be awesome. I apologize to anyone who used credits on my widget. I will try to get them all reimbursed.

We are finishing up our lessons on Canada today. One of the famous attractions in Quebec is the ice sculptures each winter. Below is a video of the ultimate ice sculpture, an ice hotel. It is really cool! We also did a mixing colors experiment where we wrote down different color combos to mix and see what colors we got. We did this using water, and food coloring in plastic cups. Then the cups were put in the freezer, and we will be making our own ice sculpture using the colored water. DJ took photos for his pictures tell a story lesson for 4H. Dinosaur findings in Canada is another topic of discussion. National Geographic magazine has a wonderful article on extinction of dinosaurs and DJ will be reading it and then discussing the different theories of dinosaur extinction. Caitlin will use the pictures to make a dinosaur lapbook in a few weeks.

Lesson Plans For 11/3/10:

Social Studies: Chapter 8 Ancient Times, lessons above, and map skills
Math: Division, mixed math
Sign Language
Spelling: Chapter 7 put words in alphabetical order

Social Studies: As above
Math: Addition
Reading sentences and word placement worksheet
Language Arts: long vowels, blends sl and br
Printing Practice
Clock work, calendar work, sight words, skip counting

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