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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Free Educational Thanksgiving Activities

Today I am sharing a couple of free Thanksgiving activities for kids. These are awesome. Next Tuesday, on the 16th, Scholastic is having a free virtual field trip called the First Thanksgiving. It is about 30 min long, and you can sign up by clicking here. Then on November 24th the History Channel will be telling the Real Story of Thanksgiving at 8/7 central. You will need to remember to watch it, or record it, Tivo is wonderful for this. If you homeschool your children these are both awesome resources.

Today DJ did the next chapter in his Story of the World Ancient Times book, with activities. I love the Scholastic website, and he did Amelia Earhart, and the colonies on there today as well. This definitely a favorite. He also did an art lesson on drawing dragons.

Caitlin began her dinosaur lapbook by cutting out pictures of dinosaurs from a Nat Geo magazine, and gluing them into her folder. When we took our trip to the library yesterday, I found an awesome learn to draw book about dinosaurs. She drew a beautiful dinosaur for the cover of her lapbook. This lapbook will be an extended activity for her, with new drawings, and printables added as we go. Her weather/seasons lapbook continues as well. Caitlin spent a good deal of time this morning socializing with her new bunny. The bunny now comes to the edge of his cage and even came out to sit by her all by himself. She is still a little nervous holding him. Even though it is a small bunny she has very small hands, and is afraid to drop him.

All in all a great week so far. Tomorrow we are going on a field trip to the Aquarium. This is a first major field trip in some time. I can not wait to share the pictures.


The Rheinlander's said...

Great activities... Thanks for sharing! I am passing them along to a mom friend!

Melissa said...

Your welcome

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