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Monday, June 13, 2011

4H Dinner Tonight

Tonight is our 4H dinner on manners. This is the end of our first year of 4H, and our group worked on manners this year. Now tonight is the final test. It should be interesting. The children have to properly set the table, answer basic manner questions, and then proceed to eat with good table manners. Caitlin unfortunately spiked a fever last night and still has it today. She will not be attending, even though she wants to. I feel bad, but I can not expose her to other children, especially I am not real sure what she caught. She is a Cloverbud so it shouldn't be that big of a deal for her. DJ turned in his Photography book, book one, last week and we are eager to see what the leader has to say. I will be making stuffed shells, and macaroni and cheese. Have a great Monday, everyone.


betchai said...

I love this subject when I was still their age, I always got excited with arranging tables and nervous at the same time that I will do well, good luck to them.

Kristy said...

It sounds like a fun evening. I hope you had a nice time. I also hope Caitlin feels better soon. David has a fever too but took him to the doctor and he has strep throat.

Melissa said...

Betchai and Kristy, he had fun a little nervous, but Mr Chris made them all feel at ease. Poor Caitlin just feels awful, and I think I may have gotten it too. Bleh.

Anne said...

I think manners are great to teach all children. We did a manners badge with my brownies. I am so sorry that Caitlin missed the dinner, I hope she is feeling better now.

Melissa said...

Anne, thank you she is better today. Still a low grade temp but at least her appetite and energy returned to almost normal.

goodmorning. said...

I remember doing that when I was in 4-H! It was so much fun. It made me feel "grown-up."

MamaTea said...

Hope the event was successful! Sounds like a great thing to be promoting in the kids! :)

Melissa said...

goodmorning I didn't do 4H as a kid, but I am so happy I put my kids in it.
Mama Tea all the kids had a very good time, and everyone gets along. It was very nice.

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