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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Castles of the Middle Ages

Next year, for sixth grade, DJ will be doing book two in the Story of the World series called The Middle Ages. The Middle Ages is all about a darker time in history, knights, castles, dragons and lots of legends. DJ has already started reading the book, that is how much he enjoys it. I have not read it yet, but I will be reading it before school begins in September. This year we didn't purchase the activity book that went with the reading book, because DJ lost interest in the one last year. So I just purchased the reading book and test manual with answers. The video will show you some of the famous castles from The Middle Ages.


amiyawilliams said...

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Anne said...

It is great that he is so interested that he has started reading over the summer. That shows that it is definitely an interesting topic for him.

MissMOE said...


This was the SOTW we used last year. Fun time period to study.

Melissa said...

Miss Moe he really enjoys them very much. Caitlin as very little interest, but will use them when she is older.

Miss Anne he read last years too before school started. Now I am reading it. I like it much better than the Ancient Times series.

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