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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Fireworks At Horseshoe Beach

I am not a spur of the moment person. I am a planner and an organizer. DJ and Craig both have a birthday on July 4, and 5th, so much of the weekend is spent celebrating. Since we don't have a ton of extra money very often, and with two dogs and a rabbit you can't really venture far from home for trips. So we spread the fun out over the holiday weekend.

Last night, out of the blue, I said lets go to Horseshoe Beach to check our their fireworks. We had never been to Horseshoe Beach, though we have been to Shired Island which is basically twenty minutes from there. Horseshoe Beach is a small fishing village on the Gulf of Mexico, about an hour from us. So we ventured out thinking there would be a public beach to sit and wait for the fireworks. No public beach, and the vending area wasn't really all that great either. But it is a nice little town, with friendly people, and we did get to stand right by the water to see the fireworks. Man they put on a nice long show too. People were leaving early it was so long, LOL! Since I am still learning to use the camera at night, I only got two pictures that even resemble looking like fireworks.

We went to get ice cream at one point and look around a bit. When we got back to the waters edge, you could see a storm was coming in rather quickly. It got real dark, windy, and even some lightning. It didn't rain though, and once the lightning passed the show began. We did notice there are a lot of beach front properties, and others as well, that are for sale. It is a remote little town, so if you ever wanted to live on the water you should check out Horseshoe Beach. As you can see from the pictures DJ and I still experiment with the settings, and angles to use on the camera for the best shots. All in all it was a good spur of the moment decision, thank goodness. Now I am baking and preparing birthday cakes.


Anne said...

It sounds like a great family outing. I hope everyone has a happy birthday!

betchai said...

happy birthday to DJ and Craig, Melissa.

Hil'Lesha said...

Beautiful pictures! I hope that everyone has a wonderful birthday. I have a sister who has a birthday on the 5th, too.

MamaTea said...

Cool pictures...and happy birthday! I wish I could be a more in-the-moment person and say "Let's just go here...." I should really work on that! :)

Melissa said...

Thank you to all of you, and may you have a Happy and safe 4th of July.

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