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Monday, July 4, 2011

Cars 2, Wrestlemania Birthday Cake

Well the holiday weekend, and birthday weekend is winding down. The guys have had a nice weekend. Last night we swam in the dark with the tiki torches on, the kids love this, and some of the neighbors were putting off fireworks. I am sure there will be more tonight. Yesterday DJ had a small birthday party with just family that is here. He wanted a Wrestlemania cake, so that is what I made. This was my first time using a edible cake design. It is not the easiest thing to put on, but as for flavor it just tastes like sugar. I was disappointed with the sides of the cake. The red and blue were supposed to be fancy swirls. They started out as fancy swirls but as you can see they didn't end up that way by the time we ate it. Come to find out the gel tube frosting melts. Next time I will just make my own colored frosting. Not as easy but the results will be better. DJ didn't mind either way, so it was all cool. The guys went shopping after, with the birthday money.

Today we are going to see Cars 2. There are so many good movies out that it was difficult to pick one that all four of us could agree on. The first one was good so I am hoping this one is too. Caitlin could really care less about the movies, she just likes the soda and popcorn. Later the kids are having their neighbor friends over for swimming, and play fun. Then later we will again venture out with the bugs to watch the neighbors put on their fireworks show.

On a homeschool note, I finally finished the kids report cards and they will be posted later this week. My evaluator, who has done our homeschool evals the last three years, seems to have disappeared somehow. I have emailed her several times, and she usually has sent out an email asking for her people to make an appt. Then I considered a cyber eval, which I still would like to try, but the lady that does them does not keep in good communication with me, so I am leary of that. So come to find out one of our 4H leaders does homeschool evals, and I will be contacting her tomorrow to learn more about her teacher certification. I will keep everyone posted.


Anne said...

I hope everyone had a fabulous birthday and you all enjoy the fireworks! I can't believe your evaluator disappeared. That is so frustrating. I can't understand the professionalism of some people.

betchai said...

belated happy birthday to DJ, I could not go to his blog to greet him, somehow, wheneverI try to open it, my explorer goes down. happy birthday also to your hubby Craig. the cake looks awesome, am sure it was not easy making that one. DJ sure deserves all the love.

Melissa said...

Thank you Anne, and Betchai we had a great weekend. Anne it is not customary of my evaluator, so I am not sure what happened. Betchai, thank you I will check his blog. This time of year he doesn't do much with it, so I haven't paid much attention to it.

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