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Monday, July 18, 2011

Puce In A Nail Polish

OK, on Friday I gave a question for everyone to contemplate. What is the color Puce? To me it looks like a mauve, pinkish color. Wikipedia defines puce as: color that is defined as ranging from reddish-brown to purplish-brown, with the latter being the more widely-accepted definition found in reputable sources. Puce is a shade of red. In French puce means flea, and fleas are a dark reddish brown color. I tried to find a video with more info, but had no luck. The picture came from Google images, and there were a wide variety of the color to choose from. I even found a nail polish called Puce. If you like this color you could wear it everyday. It is Monday, so I hope everyone has an awesome week.


Anne said...

I was wrong, I thought it was purple. I still think it sounds like puke.

Melissa said...

No not wrong, Anne, it said it was a purplish, reddish, brown color. It had a wide variation of the color spectrum.

Student loan said...

Yeah, thanks for my new vocabulary!

Melissa said...

You are welcome. Thanks for stopping by.

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